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From Field
to Glass

Taste is a vocation and for us at Mastri Birrai Umbri it’s a sophisticated trade, an art inspired by the richness of Umbria’s lands, which are nourished by an ancient wisdom manifest in details invisible to most people.

From the cultivation and stringent selection of the raw materials to the transformation and production phases, from bottle design to end product distribution, we listen everyday to the heartbeat of our brewery, in one of the shortest supply chains in Europe. So we can continue to talk about the quality of a genuine craft product, a sublime pleasure to be relished with all our senses.


Mastri Birrai Umbri beer is a project grows out of the land.

Over a thousand hectares are lovingly farmed for the finest raw materials. In addition to spelt, barley and wheat, our fields provide the ingredients that give our beers their unique flavour, such as aromatic hops, chicklings and lentils. This taste comes directly from the land of Umbria and from a 200 years’ experience of the Farchioni family.


The malt house is the place where the taste of beer starts to form. The malting process is very delicate, and for this reason we decided to do it ourselves in our own brewery.

After controlled humidification, the rigorously selected and cleaned barley starts to germinate and develop the enzymes that turn starch into simple sugars. The final aroma and colours depend on the degree of drying. Lastly, the malt is freed of its roots and stored for a further four weeks of maturation.

Only now the malt is ready to become a beer of the Mastri Birrai Umbri.


The brew room is the most important part of any brewery. It’s in this place, in processes rooted in centuries of tradition, that the ingredients come together to produce the unmistakable flavour of Mastri Birrai Umbri beer. The milled malt is mixed with hot water and then filtered to make the mash.

The next step is to boil the mash in special stainless-steel vats. It’s in this phase that the hops, which give beer its bitter tang, are added. At the end of the process the mash is cooled and yeast is added to start fermentation, which will take a few weeks to turn it into a Mastri Birrai Umbri beer.

Selected Ingredients

In choosing our ingredients we like to be both traditional and creative, seeking to achieve a perfect harmony of sensations and flavours. Special malts and rigorously selected grains are combined with legumes typical of Umbria, such as chicklings and lentils, to give rise to an exclusive and sophisticated taste. The taste of Mastri Birrai Umbri.

Our Method

Our craft beers are made with top-fermentation method and bottle conditioned technique.

This means a leavening process at higher temperatures, to ensure a bouquet of aromas and tastes significantly greater than low fermentations. Only then we can fill our bottles with extraordinary beer.


Being authentic means being true, genuine and special. From the land, with passion and a culture of taste built up over centuries, to the ingredients: all our beers are designed and made to be a complete experience.

This is the difference between an industrial beer and a beer from Mastri Birrai Umbri.

A Unique Beer
with a Universal Flavour

Deep knowledge of the fruits of the land in Umbria, original experimentation with the flavours of our genuine raw materials and the creativity of our master brewers: these are the unique ingredients going into a unique beer with a universal flavour that’s pleasing to all palates, a veritable synesthetic taste experience.