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16 February 2019, Terni

Mastri Birrai Umbri at the 2019 Valentine’s Day Marathon

On 16 and 17 February, Mastri Birrai Umbri will attend the 8th edition of the 2019 Valentine’s Day Marathon, a national running event that in addition to the classic Bronze race of 42.195 Km, includes a national semi-marathon race (21.097 Km) and a derby of 5km.

Organized by Amatori Podistica Terni, in collaboration with the Diocese of Terni Narni Amelia, with the Municipalities, under the patronage of Regione Umbria and the Province of Terni and other local associations, like every year the event will see the participation of national-level athletes and enthusiasts from all the regions of Italy.

The same passion that all participants will be able to taste by exploring the flavour of our craft beers on board our Mastri Birrai Umbri FIAT 1100.

from 16 to 17 February 2019

Check the times on the event website: http://maratonasanvalentino.wixsite.com/runforlove