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Exploring Taste

“In our family taste is a tradition passed down through generations.”

Pompeo Farchioni

There are various ways to define exploration: for some it’s seeking out the unknown, for others it’s just wandering off in strange places.

For us at Mastri Birrai Umbri, it’s a whole universe of sensations that won’t fit into any one definition.

It’s amazement at the colours of a land, Umbria, a whole world in which time has written its own rules. It’s curiosity about a smell that excites the imagination. It’s the feeling we have when searching for an infinite pleasure, between the fascination of a moment and the enthusiasm of an overwhelming conquest.

For exploring taste it’s not enough to pass on a centuries-old art, a set of ingredients all in their proper doses or a sequence of mechanical actions. You need genuine passion that doesn’t stop at the first result but longs – in a dream of sensory gratification – to go beyond the horizons of flavour.

We’ve been putting our hearts into this philosophy every day for over two centuries.


Mastri Birrai Umbri beer is an experience for all the senses. Proper tasting gauges all aspects of a beer, its appearance, its fragrances and hundreds of different flavours. First of all you have to look at the foam, a crucial indicator of the quality of a beer.

I.P.A. Italian Pale Ale

It is a beer that can be tasted alone or as a beer throughout the meal, it goes well with grilled meats, hamburgers and spicy dishes.

The Golden Monkey Beer

It goes well with crudité, white meats, grilled, delicious with pizza, focaccia and schiacciata.

Cocoa Porter Beer with cocoa beans

It pairs well with red meat, aged cheese, cured meat, pizza and coffee or chocolate based desserts.

Biologic wheat Pale Ale

Ideal as an aperitif, it goes well with fresh cheese, salads, fish and shellfish.

Italian Dark Ale with lentils

It pairs well with red meat, cheese, cold cuts, pizza and desserts.

Italian Strong Ale

It pairs well with cheese, cured and smoked meats, spicy and herbal dishes.

Italian weizen Beer

It goes well with crudités, fish, cheese and grilled white meat.

Italian Red Ale with chicklings

It pairs well with pizza, pasta dishes, soups, white meat and medium-aged cheeses.

Benedictine Method Beer VINEA

It pairs well with meat, aged cheese, seasoned or smoked salami, spicy and aromatic dishes.

Benedictine Method Beer EVOCA

It pairs well with meat, aged cheese, seasoned or smoked salami, spicy and aromatic dishes.

Italian Witbier with spelt

Perfect as an aperitif, it pairs well with cheese, fish and shellfish.