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Territory, genuineness and passion.

Three great values that work together to create a product that goes beyond the dimension of taste. A unique, sophisticated beer that brings together centuries of the culture of taste and a territori rich in flavors and traditions. A product to savour and share.


Being authentic means being true, genuine and special. From the land, with passion and a culture of taste built up over centuries, to the ingredients: all our beers are designed and made to be a complete experience.

This is the difference between an industrial beer and a beer from Mastri Birrai Umbri.


Mastri Birrai Umbri beer is a project grows out of the land.


Over a thousand hectares are lovingly farmed for the finest raw materials. In addition to spelt, barley and wheat, our fields provide the ingredients that give our beers their unique flavour, such as aromatic hops, chicklings and lentils. This taste comes directly from the land of Umbria and from a 200 years’ experience of the Farchioni family.


When barley is turned into malt.


In observance of ancient brewery traditions, we decided to turn directly our barley into malt.
Malting starts after a painstaking selection and cleaning process. The barley is wetted so that the embryo inside starts germinating and synthesizing the enzymes that will then turn the starch into simple sugars. Meticulous drying determines the aroma and colour of the malt. The process is completed by a further four weeks of ageing. The malt is now ready for the brewing of our beers.

“In our family taste is a tradition passed down through generations.”

La cotta

“Brew” is the name of the phase in which the beer wort is produced.


The technique involved has remained practically unaltered for centuries. The equipment has changed (stainless steel now), temperature control of the vats and cellars has been improved and greater care is taken over hygiene.

Selected ingredients

To choose our ingredients we wanted to combine tradition with creativity, creating a perfect combination of sensations and flavors. Special malts and carefully selected wheat have joined the typical Umbrian legumes such as cicerchie and lentils, creating an exclusive and refined taste. The taste of Mastrti Birrai umbri.


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