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Ingredienti: water, barley malt, spelt (35%), aronia juice (aronia melanocarpa) (4,5%), fructose, hops, yeast.

Queen aronia never goes unnoticed. “You are the unforgettable creation and this beer is dedicated to you”.

Perhaps our most particular creation was born to celebrate March 8th and soon became a continuous hatred of femininity.
Made with 100% Aronia Melanocarpa juice, a berry similar to black bilberries, it offers beer a rare elegance and soft, seductive and never cloying sensations.

A beer with a violet and veiled color, medium-grained, medium-lasting, fine perlage. The aroma is characterized by the fruity notes of Aronia berries, citrus notes and non-malted cereal. The taste is characterized by the freshness of the fruit, slightly astringent, a beer with a light body and a short retro-olfactory persistence.

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