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Ingredienti: water, barley malt, senatore cappelli wheat (15%), fructose, hops, spices, yeast.

Our senatore cappelli wheat, or the freshness and fullness of aromas for long sips of pure emotion, in perfect territorial key. From our fields to the glass.

The Senatore Cappelli wheat, directly from our fields to the glass. A blanche revisited in true Umbrian spirit, sincere and sophisticated at the same time. A never intrusive spiciness, a lively acidity: a winning combination that always puts you in a good mood.

A yellow and veiled beer, fine-grained, very persistent foam. The aroma of wheat, orange peel, coriander citrus, spicy and floral notes is characterized by herbaceous and fruity hops. The taste is based on the softness of cereals, medium-light body, light notes of honey, summer fruit and spices. Medium retro-olfactory persistence.

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