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Ingredienti: water, barley malt, lentii (15%), fructose, hops, yeast

The traditional method of high fermentation is used to produce the unfiltered Red wine of I Cavalieri.

The Italian Craft Red Ale by I Cavalieri is produced following the traditional top fermenting method, using select ingredients, in particular specially-roasted malts, which generate its naturally cloudy, deep copper hue. The overall aroma is primarily characterised by the complexity of fine-quality nobles that evolve towards elegant notes of caramel and orange zest. Its body is well-rounded and the flavour balanced.

Suggested pairings: This beer is ideal to drink throughout a meal, in particular with pizza, pasta recipes, soups, white meat and semi-matured cheese.

The top fermenting, non-filtration and non-pasteurisation method could create a sediment at the bottom of the bottle, thus we advise keeping in an upright position.

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