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Ingredienti: water, barley malt, fructose, hops, yeast.

Inspired by the tradition of Strong Ale, the unfiltered Biondo Birrai Umbri Double Malt Beer is born of a pure malted barley beer.

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s unfiltered Strong Ale, craft-brewed in Italy, is a true all malt beer inspired by the tradition of Strong Ale. Its appearance is characterized by an intense yellow colour, naturally cloudy, with honey-coloured tones. The head is white and persistent. The aroma of this beer is characterized by fresh herbaceous notes of aroma hops. The use of special malts in this recipe provides sweet notes of malt and honey. The flavour confirms intense notes of barley malt and caramel, balanced by the bitterness of the hops, with hints of ripe fruit due to the high-fermentation yeast used. The finish is persistent and complex. It pairs well with cheese, cured and smoked meats, spicy and herbal dishes. A sediment may form at the bottom of the bottle due to the craft production and high fermentation, and because it is non-filtered.

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